Penny Sparkman, RN

Gutierrez Team

  • Phone: 314-454-8212

How long have you been in the medical field?

17 years at Washington University; 5 years in GI, 1 year in Neuro-Surgery, 2 years with Clinical Research/Inpatient, 9 years in Urological Surgery

What are your background and education?

I have held an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing since becoming an RN in 1993.  I also have an Associate of Science Degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences, which are the MLT & ASCP certification.

I have worked in multiple aspects of Nursing including General Medical /Surgical floor, Telemetry, Step-down Cardiac/Respiratory Unit where I was Assistant Manager in that Unit for 4 years, as well as in Urology, Neurosurgery, and the Intensive Care Unit.

I also have experience in multiple labs, on the bench performing laboratory testing for over 10 years, the American Red Cross, and numerous local hospitals.  For the Red Cross, I was part of the Tissue Retrieval Service where we did cadaver tissue retrieval (bone, eye, skin, Dura- mater, heart for valves, veins).  These tissues were taken back to the lab and processed for transplant.

While working in Urology for multiple clinicians, I assisted with setting up the program and Research Protocols; and performed Microwave therapy for the Prostate.  I was assigned to do special procedures for the department (Urodynamic Studies, Cystoscopies, biopsies).  I also set up the clinical lab and performed semen analysis for which I received CLIA certification, for a Urologist seeing male infertility patients.

I have participated in Inpatient Research while at Washington University; I cared for patients undergoing Research Protocols that required multiple Infusions, Scans, and biopsies.  Most of these patients stayed multiple nights.

In Neurosurgery, I worked with a Neurosurgeon whose specialty was nerve repair/transplant.

Currently, I am working with Dr. Alexandra Gutierrez, specializing in IBD.

Why do you love what you do?

 I truly enjoy working with our patients.  I love working with a physician that is cutting edge, does the BEST for her patients, takes the time to explain their disease, their treatments, and what is expected of them as a patient on these treatments.

What are your career goals?

I’m where I want to be.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

 I really love dogs, especially therapy dogs and the programs they are associated with.