Annual Progress Reporting to the Scientific Support Committee (SSC) is required and shall be due within 60 calendar days of the end of the budget period.  A financial report will be required at the end of the project, due within 60 calendar days of the project period end.  Progress report guidelines and form pages will be provided, and should include:

  • Progress on aims or purpose
  • Impact of the award on career
  • New collaborations
  • Subsequent grant funding as a result of the award

Using the format on the following pages, submit your progress report as a single pdf file to with your project title on the subject line by 5 pm on the 30th day after your budget period ends. If day 30 is a weekend or university observed holiday, the deadline is extended to 5 pm the next business day.

Formatting should include:

  • 7-page maximum (Title page, text, figures, financial)
  • Arial 11 point font minimum (9 pt. for figures)
  • No less than 0.5” Margins